Even the Gods have rogues.

The characters come home from a particularly exhausting festival and while sleeping at the inn they are teleported (with a portion of the inn) quite a distance away to an “abandoned” mansion. They slowly find out that the manor is cursed by a sentient fog that kills and reanimates the living.

On the return trip they encounter many random battles and characters but finally make it back to their home town of Three Roads.

Sadly on the first night home they are each plagued by an odd dream in which the world outside their homes has vanished into blackness and tendrils of energy coalesce to form unique items that pulse with unimaginable power however the items seem to be incomplete. There is a foreboding feeling of importance surrounding the items.

A disembodied voice whispers “When the sun is no sun, seek the church.” and with a flash of colored light, the characters start themselves awake in their own beds.

The truly odd thing is that each person has one of the items lying next to their bed.

A day or two go by and as the sun reaches its apex it becomes a blood red and spits out sanguine light. The characters believing this to be the sign that the dreams spoke of gathered their belongings and made for the church. As the old friends meet up on the road to the church they notice that each person carries an odd new item however the War Mage that had previously accompanied them is not waiting for them at the church. Instead a somber individual stands there seemingly waiting for them but he also carries an odd look of confusion on his face.

As they approach, they recognize him as a particularly shunned individual from outside the town. The townsfolk always spoke of him in whispers mumbling something about demons, evil and the like but the characters know better that warlocks are not always of demonic origin and can also fight for noble causes. Realizing they are all there for the same summoning they introduce themselves to the warlock and have a reserved conversation about the strange new items they are all carrying. As all the items are brought together a bolt of energy explodes from each weapon sending the characters flying backwards to the ground. The bolts of energy form a ball of white crackling energy that hurls upward apparently heading directly for the sun. In an earth-shattering explosion the sky is lit up with pure white light and as it fades the noon day sun has returned to its normal color. The doors of the church slowly open and the sleep deprived face of the town priest peers forth apparently wondering what had just happened. Either way he seems relieved that the unholy sanguine light is no longer casting its glow on the town.

“I assume you are the ones the dreams spoke of. Come in… please.” He shuffles toward the altar at the front of the church as if he barely has the energy to stand and motions for the characters to sit in the front pews…

Even the Gods have rogues.